Modernize traffic control with the power and flexibility of SWARCO McCain ATC-compliant controllers.

       The ATC eX series of controllers provides superior, multi-application control and gives cities the unparalleled

ability to evolve with traffic needs and meet the future head-on.

Designed for ease-of-use and easy adaptability, the ATC-1000 traffic controller features Oriux/Peek’s latest ATC engine board, a full line of communications options including multiple serial ports, multiple Ethernet ports, a USB firmware and memory port, and a range of I/O and D modules.

Programmable from the front panel, via USB database download, via ATC Link direct connection, via IQ Central or via Spinnaker’s sophisticated central system environment, the ATC-1000 controller line is a powerful new option that can be used wherever NEMA, NTCIP and ATC compatibility is required.