Traffic cabinets and enclosures can be customized to meet any need; manufactured from aluminum, stainless or carbon steel; and produced in a wide variety of styles, ranging from small pole-mounted to mid-sized freestanding to large walk-ins (and everything in between).

Dudlik traffic enclosures offer the ideal balance of compliance and price. We use the highest quality sheet metal and most advanced manufacturing processes to produce traffic enclosures that exceed compliance standards. In addition, our production methods and lean operational practices allow us to more effectively manage costs and deliver maximum value for any municipal budget.



Versatile and dependable, McCain offers a wide range of industry and agency standard cabinets. With over 300 cabinets available, we are sure to have a cabinet that meets your unique specifications.

  • high-efficiency power supply
  • hard-wired communications
  • oversized, four-door communications cabinet
  • base, pedestal or side-of-pole mounted
  • backup power at critical intersections